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Pain perdu: a recipe to recycle leftover bread

You have some bread left but it's a bit too dry for your taste. Just save it, and when you have enough you can make "pain perdu", which means "spoiled bread".

For about 8 not-too-thick slices of dry bread

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 dl milk
  • 3 tablespoon sugar
  • butter (for the pan)

1 - Mix eggs, milk and sugar

2 - Put the bread slices in this mixture.

3 - When they have soften, melt some butter in the pan, and put the slices in it. When it's brown from both sides, it's ready! Eat them with extra sugar on top, or jam, or whatever you can think of.

You can cook the rest of the mixture in the pan, as a sweet omelette.

Bon appétit!



I had started making soap to make laundry liquid and I end up doing this! :p

I definitely have to write more about soap. To be continued!

Veg dish: cauliflower gratin

Today I made a cauliflower "gratin", with an organic coliflower from France (yeah!).

It's not always easy to buy seasonal vegetables (calendar for Scandinavia) here, especially in winter so I try to at least buy european veg and fruits (short distance transportation).

I used this recipe (French) but used one cauliflower only and ate it by myself.

Here is what they say for 6 people:

  • 1 kg cauliflower
  • 30 + 40 g butter
  • 30 g de flour
  • 40 cl de milk
  • 2 yolks
  • 100 g cheese
  • 50 g breadcrumbs
  • nutmeg
  • salt
  • pepper

1 - Cut the cauliflower, wash it and cook them in boiling water (+ salt) for 15 mn. I always cover the pot; then low heat is enough. Drain the cauliflower

NB: I should have cut it in smaller pieces or mash it afterwards.


2 - I reused the same pot and made a bechamel sauce:

- Melt some butter

- Once melted, add some flour until you get this consistency:

- Add milk, little by little, until the sauce is homogenous and has a satisfying consistency (not too liquid but it would work anyway).

I never measure my ingredients for a béchamel but you may use the proportions above.

3 - Add the yolks (only one for me) + some cheese

4 - Put some sauce in a buttered baking dish (was that really necessary?) add the cauliflower pieces and pour the rest of the sauce on it. Add some breadcrumbs and cheese on the top

5 - Cook 20-30 in the oven at 180°


Bon appétit!


The right way to cook fish sticks

When cooking fish sticks in a pan, no need to add oil or butter. There is already some fat in the breadscrumbs, so if you cook the sticks at low heat (4 maxi) and cover it, it won't burn in the pan.

When I see my rice is almost ready, I turn the sticks, and turn the heat off. I have a vitroceramic cooktop so with the residual heat it slowly finishes cooking.


Don't waste honey-tips


The honey jar is finished and what's left it's too sticky to collect (or even to wash).

Why not pouring boiling water and infuse some tea in it? It will solve both these problems, and you won't waste a drop of honey!

"Make love, don't shop"

Valentine's day coming soon. Whether you celebrate Lovers' day on February 14th or not, the best gift ever to your loved one is quality time togheter.

Here are some ideas of "time" you can offer:

- a massage! with oil (organic kitchen oil can do the trick, provided it does smell too strong) or without, sensual or not

- a dinner for two, you cooked yourself with love

- anything you know your loved one would love you to do

You can either offer - and put into practise - those present on the D-day, or choose to offer a kind of voucher book, useable later in the month or year. For example:

- a kiss after a fight

- a massage, again

- a strip tease, why not

- the right for your boy/girlfriend to have you tried on the piece of cloth he/she wants in the shop he/she wants. Can be both fun and exciting

- anything you can come up with

This kind of gift is based on mutual trust and respect and that's what love is about, right?

Use the cold outside, save electricity

This is the perfect week to use the tips I am going to give you today, wherever you live in Europe: France too for example is experiencing very low temperature, below zero, at least at night.

Put a bottle of water outside. When it's frozen put it in the fridge.The electricity required to keep it cold inside will be reduced. I'm pretty sure it's worth it doing it all winter long here (and god knows the winter is long in Norway ;) ).


A guide to buy palm oil free!

Palm oil has very severe consequences on the environment.

Since it's mainly produced in Asia it has quite a carbon footprint, but more than that it is an important cause of deforestation. Huge parts of the rainforest are destroyed to make way to palm plantations. And this has a strong impact on global warming; deforestation is indeed the second main cause to global warming. Destroying the forest  means also the destruction of one of the richest habitats on earth regarding living species.

And if that was not enough, palm oil is unhealthy and can increase cholesterol.

The problem is that it is present in many food products and until now it was not possible to know which product was palm oil free or not (even if "vegetal oil" was suspicious enough).

The new palmoil guide launched  - in Norway - by Regnskogfondet og Grønn Hverdag makes it easier:

To go further, you can also sign their petition, so that food producers make less and less products with palm oil.


Tips for green presents

Bonne année! Godt nytt år!

A good resolution for 2012 would be to write more on this blog (and find a job, but that's another question), especially because I have many things in mind. A topic I should definitely develop is home made soap. Remember? I started in June because I was looking for laundry soap, ecological and palm oil free and I didn't find any in Norway; that's why I started to make my owns. And I liked it so much that I decided to make more, to use in the shower and to offer.

Here are some of the soaps I gave away for Christmas.

And speaking about, I whish I had had time in December to tell you about my Christmas philosophy. I know it's a bit late but it somehow applies to birthdays too.

What I don't like about Christmas is that it is so materialistic! It's like you're forced to buy something, even if there are many chances that the person won't need/use/like it. But you have too anyway.

Some pieces of advice, for when you're looking for a present:

- don't buy at the last minute: you know you'll take whatever, so you don't come empty-handed. That is bad. A good gift is a well-thought gift. Take time to think about what will really please the person you offer it to.

- think second-hand. Doesn't mean it will look "cheap" or it will be in bad shape. The market is full of perfectly good products people don't want anymore, and it's a shame to buy and import a new one when what you need is available there. It's also a way to offer good quality/expensive gift you could not have afforded otherwise. We offered a small bike for a little girl's birthday ; we could afford it and she was the happiest in the world.

- think outside of the box, think virtual. Concert tickets, cinema, theatre, or even your time (massage, home-made meal and other favors). For christmas we offered: a one-hour skin care, and a meal in a very good restaurant. Two non material gifts that were very much appreciated.

- think home made. That's what was new in my philosophy this year and that is why I had no time at all to write in december: home made soaps, cosmetics and knitting. And I really felt christmas spirit since each of those gifts were especially made for one person. You can't put as much love in home made gifts as in other presents.

I will show you the gifts I made and other I received and found very inspiring.

The other bad side of christmas is the huge amount of waste created by present paper.

- if you don't rip the paper off, you can use it again (and again and again).

- think recycled material: catalogue pages and newspaper make very nice packages

 - by using strings and yarn you can avoid to use scotchtape and make very cute packages.

 I made the labels with old free postcards.


Hope all these tips will be useful and used in 2012. Happy new year!

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